Do I have a choice to leave my job?

 Moz Hussain’s article on LinkedIn, “Should I Leave?” is a pretty spot-on look at the reasons we don’t leave jobs. And the accompanying photo from the movie, Office Space, isn’t bad either. Where’s my stapler?

Rather than regurgitate the points made in the article, I’d like to focus on the point he made almost off-handedly at the very end of the article.

“Assuming, of course, that you have a choice.”

That should probably be point 5 in this article, and it begs for further exploration. Our inertia and utter paralysis often comes about

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Truth, revealed.

I know, I know.  Everyone and their brother and sister is doing memes.  And now, Facebook makes it possible to post your usual random thoughts as a meme.

Here I am jumping into the fray as well.  I plan to offer weekly bursts of inspiration and reminders to my readers that you are, indeed, fantastic. The series is called ‘revealed.” and the idea is that every so often, the weight of the world can make us forget for a moment the truth that needs to be revealed. Of course, this is

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Do this, not THAT on your resume

This is a pretty good article about resume trends to AVOID. My thoughts about the article follow this enormous button:

#3: Of course add your Linkedin profile URL as the last line of your contact info section, ideally a URL you have changed to something more friendly. Ask me for my worksheet showing you how to change your LinkedIn URL.

For the record, I intentionally skipped commenting on #1 and #2. Nothing to add to or contradict in these points.

#4 When you need to upload your resume to apply for a job, best

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Detail-oriented? I am not, but I say I am on my resume

Here are some phrases you could use instead of saying you are detail-oriented. This is one of most overused phrases I see on resumes. It really means nothing to a potential employer, unless you can describe HOW you are detail-oriented, or how you demonstrate it on the job.

It might look like this:

“Known among co-workers for ability to catch every typo in lengthy contracts.”
“Able to clearly lay out every step of a complex project to ensure success.”
“Achieve 100 percent accuracy when reconciling accounts.”
“Exceptional organizational skills to guarantee efficiency in the office

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Why wait to use an executive coach?

Pretty early on in my coaching practice, I started to specialize in career coaching.  Those were the clients who were coming to see me.  I avoided defining more of a niche for myself because, even though I had a marketing background that told me it made sense to do so, I was still gripped by a fear that I would alienate potential clients.

The Festivus pole, painfully unadorned for the season, a reaction against the sometimes gaudy Christmas tree.

Soon, though, it made sense to define my practice more. I started

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Continued from LinkedIn: What about this whole “Create your own reality” crap?!

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Continued from LinkedIn
Here’s a question for you, and I want you to consider it very carefully.  Think about your answers above, what men and women shouldn’t do.

What if they could do it?
What if they did do it?

What would THAT look like? How might your world be different as a result?

You may be thinking, “Well, that’s all fine and good.  But when it comes to age discrimination, you can’t deny that it happens. There is plenty of evidence that shows it happens.” Do I believe it happens? Absolutely

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What about this whole “Create your own reality” crap?!?

A lot of my career coaching clients are in their 50s and 60s.  Perhaps more than any other age group, they may feel most acutely the pull to create a life for themselves that has meaning and provides deeper fulfillment. Certainly, they have had more years of experience in work environments that are not supportive [...]
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Self-deprecating humor or trash talking?

Once you change the words you use to talk to yourself, you will soon see your experiences changing in like manner.

I know for myself, I have spent a lot of time trying to improve myself. Much of that improvement has come in the face of feeling better about myself. So I do affirmations, visualization, self-talk monitoring, you name it.

But how do we talk about ourselves? For example, when I am with friends, one of my favorite things to say about myself is, “Well, you know, I’m not the brightest bulb

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10 sure-fire ways to increase your energy at work

When I first became a coach, I was still working as a marketing director full-time. When I started my business and opened my private coaching office, I had this idea I would be in a state of euphoria by being by myself and able to concentrate on my work without distractions – other than seeing my clients, of course.  Sure, it was nice at first. But within a month, I started to get some serious cabin fever.

My office is located on the lower level without any windows.  For the few

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Is Coaching an Essential Service in this new COVID-19 World?

I think it is! While I have suspended meeting clients in person, I am using Zoom online meetings and the trusty phone to deliver my coaching services. New clients can still schedule with me using the "Free Appointment" tab on the top menu or using the button below. You will see that I have kept the two scheduling options - to meet by phone or in person. I ask that you choose your preferred way to meet in the future, should you decide to work with me. No matter which option you choose, phone or office, our introductory session will not be in my office until further notice. But choosing your preferred method will let me know how we will meet once this threat has passed and we're back to normal. I'll reach out to you once you schedule to find out if you'd like to meet by phone or online meeting using Zoom. While my specialty is career coaching, I was initially trained as a life coach. I am finding that many new clients are seeking life coaching from me in these uncertain and frightening times. I am thrilled to offer life coaching to you, or any type of coaching you might need.