How much does career coaching cost?

My belief is that you’ve found me and my particular site for a reason and that you have arrived at a place in your life and career where you realize you’ve got to make a change. After reviewing other pages on my site, you decided to click on the "Fees" tab to find coaching costs. Or maybe that was the first thing you clicked on. That's what I do. People usually ask me about coaching costs.

I understand that coaching is a significant investment for anybody. Beyond the financial investment, you’ll need to make a time and emotional energy investment. You’ll have work to do between sessions. All those elements need to be considered in the total coaching costs. Only you will be able to decide if now is the right time to start coaching.

Read about my coaching packages below, and we can discuss your investment in coaching at your complimentary, 30-60 minute introduction session by phone or in person.
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If you are ready to commit to change your life and reach your goals – and nothing you've done on your own has worked so far – I can tell you coaching will make a dramatic difference in the way your life unfolds going forward.

Coaching Packages

1-month package includes 4 private sessions (45-75 minutes) over the course of one single month.
Cost: $499

2-month package includes 6 private sessions (45-75 minutes) over the course of 2 consecutive months.
Cost: $629

3-month package includes 10 private sessions (45-75 minutes) over the course of 3 consecutive months.
Cost: $849

All packages include all services or assessments needed to further your professional growth and meet your career goals, as determined by coach and client. All coaching materials, including workbooks and exercises, are included as well.

Ways to pay for coaching

I offer a simple, no-interest payment plan: on the two-month package, divide the total by 2 and make 2 payments 30 days apart. For the three-month package, divide by 3 and make 3 payments, each 30 days apart. To qualify for the payment plan, I do require a signed credit card authorization form on file allowing me to charge your card each month. If you need a longer-term payment plan, please ask me.

In addition, you can take advantage of six months to pay with no interest by using PayPal Credit. I can send you an invoice from my PayPal account or you can visit PayPal and use my email address to use my payment portal on PayPal ( For more information, visit the PayPal website.

If you do decide starting coaching is worth it to your career success, you may need to consciously budget for the cost of it. Some clients put coaching costs on their credit card and work with their accountant to make sure they can deduct this as a job search expense on their taxes. This article on The Ladders website may be helpful to review:

Is Coaching an Essential Service in this new COVID-19 World?

I think it is! While I have suspended meeting clients in person, I am using Zoom online meetings and the trusty phone to deliver my coaching services. New clients can still schedule with me using the "Free Appointment" tab on the top menu or using the button below. You will see that I have kept the two scheduling options - to meet by phone or in person. I ask that you choose your preferred way to meet in the future, should you decide to work with me. No matter which option you choose, phone or office, our introductory session will not be in my office until further notice. But choosing your preferred method will let me know how we will meet once this threat has passed and we're back to normal. I'll reach out to you once you schedule to find out if you'd like to meet by phone or online meeting using Zoom. While my specialty is career coaching, I was initially trained as a life coach. I am finding that many new clients are seeking life coaching from me in these uncertain and frightening times. I am thrilled to offer life coaching to you, or any type of coaching you might need.