Detail-oriented? I am not, but I say I am on my resume


Here are some phrases you could use instead of saying you are detail-oriented. This is one of most overused phrases I see on resumes. It really means nothing to a potential employer, unless you can describe HOW you are detail-oriented, or how you demonstrate it on the job.

It might look like this:editing paper

  • "Known among co-workers for ability to catch every typo in lengthy contracts.”
  • “Able to clearly lay out every step of a complex project to ensure success.”
  • "Achieve 100 percent accuracy when reconciling accounts."
  • "Exceptional organizational skills to guarantee efficiency in the office environment."

Do you see what I mean? Go from general to specific to prove to an employer that you are not all talk.

Leaf for detail orientedHere is one of my favorite Lifehack articles on being detail-oriented.

What have you used on your resume to replace "detail-oriented"? Or what do you plan to say instead?