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Welcome WTHR/Channel 13 Sunrise viewers!

In my interview with Sunrise anchor Ben Hill about dealing with workplace stress, I mentioned how important it is to have a vision for your ideal life and career. You need to know what you do want instead of stress. I told Ben I’d be happy to offer my 30-page visioning workbook to viewers at no cost. Click the image below to start the download. I know a lot of sites make you give your email address in order to get their free stuff. I don’t do that. If you like my stuff, then you’ll fill out the form on this page to sign up for my newsletter, so you get all my published materials first. If you don’t sign up voluntarily, you won’t go to your Spam folder to dig out my newsletter that always seems to end up in there!Visioning workbook cover by Drew Carey career coach in Indianapolis Indiana









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LinkedIn Resource: Managing LinkedIn Endorsements and Recommendations

Uploaded by Drew Carey on August 11, 2016

In case you missed my last LinkedIn article, you can read it here. You can still download the Four Stages of Learning document.

Uploaded by Drew Carey on April 19, 2016

Free Coaching Resource: Goal Calendar Worksheet


All of my clients have goals of some sort, and, for some of these clients, the accountability I offer them at each session is important to their success. This is such a simple practice but one which has helped many of my clients become successful in reaching their goal: having a calendar to mark an X for each day they accomplish their goal or move closer to the achievement of a larger goal.

I provide you with 3 worksheets, and you can use these to:

  1. Keep track of one goal for three months
  2. Track three separate goals for one month each
  3. Copy the pages and use them to document your progress on the most critical tasks involved in reaching a larger goal.

Please take the time to answer the questions above the calendar. These will really help you get a better understanding of your goal and help you visualize success - a critical factor in goal achievement. Like any habit you are trying to establish, you may find that you miss a day or two. Just get back to tracking the next day! Don't let that derail your success. For that reason, take the time to evaluate your progress on Day 14, 21, and 28. You've probably heard that truism: 21 days to a new habit. But at 14 days, you may have stumbled a bit. So look back at your calendar and see what patterns emerge. Do you tend to stop tracking on the weekends? What changes could you make to improve your tracking on the weekends? Ask yourself what has been easy those past days and what has been challenging?

Click the button below to download them.

Uploaded by Drew Carey on January 1, 2018

LinkedIn Free Resources: Advanced Search Options cheat sheet

You can download my latest LinkedIn cheat sheet, here, LinkedIn Advanced Search options, mentioned in my LinkedIn post from March 15, 2016.

Uploaded by Drew Carey on March 15, 2016


LinkedIn Free Resources: Overposting on LinkedIn

Download my article, Overposting Syndrome on LinkedInREV.


Uploaded by Drew Carey on February 23, 2016

LinkedIn Free Resources: Beating overwhelm exercises

To download your free PDF of resources from my latest LinkedIn post, "Just dreading it? Just do it." click the links below to save it to your computer.

Exercise - Untying the Knot To help you expand your thinking and come up with new ideas to motivate you to change and move forward.

Chunking worksheet- To help you chunk down big projects into manageable tasks, or chunk up a task to make it a more powerful project!


Uploaded by Drew Carey on March 8, 2016

Gantt Chart Samples

Gantt chart graphic

Gantt charts are great to use for both simple and complex projects. If you know anything about Gantt charts, you know that you can make them as complex and unwieldy as you desire. I desire simple and to the point. So I don't have percentages on these samples, or predecessor numbers or even sub-tasks for that matter. In the attached document (which I created in Open Office Spreadsheet, so you should be able to save to your computer and then open in Excel if you like), I include several timeline options - one for weekly, monthly, quarterly and annual projects. I give an example for each type (except the annual ones) then a blank worksheet for you to use.

I still use these for my own projects. But I am tempted by an online version I found, at It's a really cool interface, if you prefer that sort of thing. Get planning and stay on task!

Download Download
Microsoft Excel version Open Office Calc version

When you're feeling stuck

Stick in the mud

I coach a lot of people who feel stuck or come in looking to "get unstuck." I have a lot of processes that I lead people through, but the most powerful of these is the timeline exercise. Read this workbook PDF to learn more about how to do it yourself in the privacy of your own home:

Uploaded by Drew Carey on August 1, 2014

The Effects of Stress on Your Body

I give this to clients a lot to show them that the physical symptoms they are experiencing are often due to stress, and many people experience the same thing. Part of what I work on with clients is learning how to manage stress better.

Uploaded by Drew Carey on February 15, 2014

Feeling Overwhelmed By Too Much To Do

As a coach, I don't recommend many things to my clients. My philosophy is that they will be guided to the system that works best for them. But I can tell you that a common issue I hear a lot in my practice is feeling overwhelmed by too many projects and random tasks, coming at them from many different directions.

Most of the time, when I ask my clients how they capture all these "to-do's," they do not have a system, they just keep it all in their head and hope nothing falls through the cracks. This system might work for you just fine but what I find is that it takes way too much mental energy to keep all this straight in your head. So I help my clients find a system that works well for them

There are a lot of task management systems out there as well as project management software. Since many people have asked me what I use to keep everything accounted for, I decided to post a link to GTDAgenda, the best program I have found to help me implement my go-to organizational system, David Allen's classic book, Getting Things Done. The first step in this system is to collect every unaccounted for task, project, goal or idea that is taking up mental real estate in your brain and put it into a trusted system that you know you will check. I can highly recommend this book to you.


Even if you don't want to use David Allen's system, GTDAgenda is intuitive enough to use on its own as a project management system (or other systems, like Covey, Zen to Done, etc). You first create your overarching goals. Then you create projects that will help you achieve these goals. A project is defined as requiring more than one task to complete it. If you can do it in one task, just get 'er done! Then you add as many tasks as needed under the project. You work on your tasks to complete your projects to fulfill your goals.

I very much appreciate the context element of the GTD system. Other systems use this but call it by different names. Essentially, you want to group your tasks into meaningful categories based on the tools you need around you in order to complete them. If my doctor is running late and his nurse says he'll be in to see me in 10 minutes, then I can call up all my tasks grouped by "Phone Calls." I would not have access to a computer in this instance so I don't need to see those tasks. I can review the calls I need to make and easily determine which ones could take me less than 10 minutes to complete. Then I can mark that call off my list.

GTDAgenda has a nice mobile version which lets me add tasks on the fly, wherever I am. So if I am having coffee with a colleague, I can add a task there. If my partner wants me to do something, I can create a task immediately. Ah, speaking of the "honey-do" lists from our loved ones. I created a unique project called "Projects from Reed." This generates a unique email address for this project that I gave to Reed. This lets him email tasks to me that show up under this project! Every project you create has its own email address. I don't tend to use it because adding tasks to a project is so dang easy with the iPhone app that I use.

The difference this system has made in my life is amazing. I feel calmer and in control more of the time. I encourage you to use this or another system to get back some of the mental energy you are wasting by trying to keep track of everything in your head. That's a terrible use of your brain power.

Oh, and in case you were wondering, yes, I AM an affiliate, and that's an affiliate link you'll be using. I will get a few dollars from your purchase, But I really do believe in it!

Is Coaching an Essential Service in this new COVID-19 World?

I think it is! While I have suspended meeting clients in person, I am using Zoom online meetings and the trusty phone to deliver my coaching services. New clients can still schedule with me using the "Free Appointment" tab on the top menu or using the button below. You will see that I have kept the two scheduling options - to meet by phone or in person. I ask that you choose your preferred way to meet in the future, should you decide to work with me. No matter which option you choose, phone or office, our introductory session will not be in my office until further notice. But choosing your preferred method will let me know how we will meet once this threat has passed and we're back to normal. I'll reach out to you once you schedule to find out if you'd like to meet by phone or online meeting using Zoom. While my specialty is career coaching, I was initially trained as a life coach. I am finding that many new clients are seeking life coaching from me in these uncertain and frightening times. I am thrilled to offer life coaching to you, or any type of coaching you might need.