LinkedIn Resources

As promised, here are three free resources for you to improve your endorsements section on LinkedIn as well as your recommendations.

  1.  Here is a workbook that gives you an overview of how to manage your endorsements and recommendations.

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  2. This is a worksheet you can attach to your message back to anyone who has endorsed you for skills you'd rather not be known for today in your career.  Remember to open it and write in your name on the first page or put in your unique LinkedIn URL address on the button
  3. I am including an email template you can copy and paste into your LinkedIn message to your connection. This is an Open Document file so you should be able to open it in any word processing program. 

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Is Coaching an Essential Service in this new COVID-19 World?

I think it is! While I have suspended meeting clients in person, I am using Zoom online meetings and the trusty phone to deliver my coaching services. New clients can still schedule with me using the "Free Appointment" tab on the top menu or using the button below. You will see that I have kept the two scheduling options - to meet by phone or in person. I ask that you choose your preferred way to meet in the future, should you decide to work with me. No matter which option you choose, phone or office, our introductory session will not be in my office until further notice. But choosing your preferred method will let me know how we will meet once this threat has passed and we're back to normal. I'll reach out to you once you schedule to find out if you'd like to meet by phone or online meeting using Zoom. While my specialty is career coaching, I was initially trained as a life coach. I am finding that many new clients are seeking life coaching from me in these uncertain and frightening times. I am thrilled to offer life coaching to you, or any type of coaching you might need.