I have already achieved several of my goals

"I started working with Drew Carey, a Life Coach, roughly a month ago. As of today, I have already realized several of the goals that initially prompted me to seek out Drew; whereas on my own, I hadn't been able to manifest these things in many months. I highly recommend him!"

Life Coaching Client

Note: B.J. gave me permission to use this post from his Facebook page.

He possesses a strong intuition

"I am so happy with the services provided to me by Drew Carey.   Drew has provided a "second set of eyes" for me.  I am impressed with how he improves my enthusiasm, invigorates me and helps me stay focused on the end-results I am desiring.  He possesses a strong intuition, a very genteel and grounded nature and is non-threatening.  I am encouraging all of my friends to seek his coaching!"


Rosemary F.
Career Coaching Client

He is a straightforward coach

"Drew worked with me helping me identify how to be more engaged with my career and my life. He is a straightforward coach with exercises that helped me think in new ways about existing questions and challenges. His practical suggestions and encouragement have been exactly what I needed to become more productive in all my endeavors."

Jo Ann K.
Life Coaching Client

He makes me feel like I can tackle anything

"I have positive feelings about the direction my life is taking... my options, opportunities, relationships. . .I am a bit fluid in my approach to transitions. I knew I needed to add some structure to making decisions, prioritizing, managing tasks, and identifying factors I had not previously considered in relation to my major life questions. I have opted to interact with a Life Coach for a few sessions....and I knew just the person..Drew Carey. Our first session was today...a really really helpful experience."

Meredith E.
Life Coaching Client


Note: Meredith shared this Facebook post she wrote the day of our first appointment. I asked her permission to use it here. 

Extremely helpful

Drew was a wonderful partner in helping me to navigate some major career decisions. His ability to listen, empathize, and synthesize information was extremely helpful. Every session I had with Drew challenged me and helped to advance my thinking about not only my immediate situation but the big picture of my career as well. I valued his partnership and wouldn't hesitate to enlist his help again if I had career management questions in the future.

Keisha T., Chicago IL
Career Coaching Client

He is an excellent listener – supportive and insightful

I was stuck on some important issues when I hired Drew as a life coach. He is an excellent listener – supportive and insightful. He helped me organize my thoughts and make a plan with tools I now use all the time. Once I got started with my plan, he offered gentle encouragement that instilled a sense of optimism and confidence. He helped me to keep on task and move forward, even when I got bogged down or encountered setbacks. I highly recommend his coaching services!

Helen M., Indianapolis IN

He helped me discover my strengths

Drew Carey is an excellent coach. I have worked with him over the last few months and he has helped me create very positive changes in my life. Getting a much better job with higher income and much more opportunity for professional advancement is one of the big, positive changes that have taken place for me while working with Drew. He helped me discover my strengths and how to best use my strengths to achieve my goals. Drew is a good listener, easy to talk to while providing objective and helpful feedback. He helped me to find out what is important to me, set goals, determine plans of action and he helped to keep me focused and accountable. The support and encouragement that Drew provides has helped me realize goals that I had difficulty reaching on my own. I would highly recommend him to anyone looking for a life or career coach.

Tracy F., Sacramento, CA

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